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Tips for Passing a Hair Drug Test

Hair drug tests – otherwise termed hair follicle tests or hair follicle drug tests – examine your hair follicles to see whether certain drugs have ended up in your system as a result of personal consumption. They are typically conducted by professionals working in a laboratory.

There are three key ways to pass a hair drug test. First off, avoid drugs. Obviously, if you do not consume any drugs, then passing this test will be easy. Otherwise, you can wait until the drugs naturally clear out of your system. The problem is, you’ll need at least three months after quitting drugs before this can be possible. And the larger problem is, you will probably not have that much time to get ready for a hair drug test. It is often required immediately, and waiting is hardly an option.

Using a hair detox product is the third thing you can do to “clean” your hair. This specially formulated shampoo can penetrate deep into your hair strands while removing remnants of drugs that you may have taken. Good thing there are several hair detox products nowadays, though they are not all equally effective. Before paying for any, take two things into account: instructions and cost.

A hair detox product will undoubtedly require a substantial amount of time and preparation, so it’s a must that you read about it first before using it. You may have to leave the product on for a specific number of minutes, combine it with another product, or wash your hair repeatedly with it.

On top of the typical instructions, there are some do-it-yourself techniques that can be effective, such as combining a certain product with a common household item like liquid detergent. Of course, if you don’t want to leave anything to chance, look for a product that is scientifically proven effective.

When it comes to cost, know that the best hair detox products will like come with a hefty price tag, considering all the special ingredients and procedures involved in making them, if only to ensure that they actually eliminate toxins from hair follicles as intended. Some will be cheaper, but again, if you want surefire results, be happy to pay a premium for a quality product.

Finally, to help you get the outcome you want, try coloring or heat-style your hair. This technique essentially damages your hair’s cuticle, and this enables the hair detox product to penetrate deeper. In fact, if you look online, you will find that the most popular DIY home detox methods include heave styling as one of the steps in the process. Then again, this can have long-term damaging effects on your hair, so use your best judgment when deciding on the best approach for you.
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