Taste the quality of our work

For a long time, you're thinking of replacing the carpet in your office, because the old one doesn't serve you well? If you are interested in real quality, which would mean an investment that could be returned to you in the future, we can offer you great Persian carpets. Taste their beauty, their originality, because they are hand-crafted, so each piece is literally an original, which no one else will have. We are here for you and we are happy to meet you anytime.
Tailored for you!
Whether you want a small with a size of 60 x 70 cm or you will desire a carpet in a large room, we can agree and make a carpet tailored for you. So do not hesitate for a long time, check out our website, where you can also choose the right nutty and when you have selected a piece, you can order it directly and we will send it to your home by the PPL service. If you need any advice or want to try the selected carpet in your own interior, do not hesitate to contact us, we will easily solve everything together.